Con la empuñadura característica de estas piezas en hueso y latón laboriosamente trabajado, la hoja tiene también incrustaciones de latón. Dagas realizadas en Albacete en el siglo XIX.

Precio de la pareja 360 euros.


Spanish dagger from the 1800s.

Here we have a very beautiful old antique Spanish dagger from the 1800s.  This is a wonderful piece and is in great condition for it's age and is very well made.  Dagger has a brass hilt with detailed engraving, inlays, and cutouts.  The handle is inlaid with strips of bone at the center all the way around.  In with these ivory or bone inlays are brass inlays.  Blade is 8 1/2" long, 1 1/8" wide, and about 1/8" thick at base of blade.  Blade is clearly hand forged and decorated.  Blade is decorated with a brass inlay in the center that extends right through the blade. 

Price of twin: 360 euros.